Monday, April 12, 2010



1. A period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation, especially one with pay granted to an employee.

I'd say that Craig has lived the definition of vacation over the past six days. Sure has been a whole lot of rest and relaxation going on. It's especially nice, since the snowbirds who call this place home with us for four months out of the year, have not even begun to make their way north yet, however, the Canadians who own the lot behind us, visit quite often no matter what the weather conditions might be. Having had the pleasure of delivering into Canada more times than I would like to remember, no doubt they were enjoying the 50 degree temperature during the day and the just below freezing in the early morning hours. We did venture out one day, into town about 15 miles away, to pick up some supplies and have lunch. A stop at the hardware store had us crossing off one of our "to do" list items, by purchasing some address numbers to put on the house. Craig managed to put them up and get right back to his comfy chair without so much as breaking a sweat. Not much else is planned before heading back to the Company yard in Spokane on Wednesday, but unlike in our pre trucking days, when we would dread the thought of heading back to work, we are actually looking forward to it. Something to be said for loving what you do for a living.


Mom said...

sounds lovely. Everybody needs to be still and just be restored.

adozeneggs said...

That first photo is AMAZING. Not to diminish the photo of Craig attaching your numbers, but sheesh, that snow topped mountain is gorgeous.
Glad you enjoyed your vacation!


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