Thursday, December 10, 2009


Charles and Craig made their delivery at the Safeway in Spokane this morning, and when they got back to the yard, Charles asked if he could challenge the driver's test a week early. Guess I wasn't the only one wanting him to hurry up. So when they got back to the yard, Charles was sent to the classroom to begin his written portion of the sign off process. This consisted of him planning and routing a trip on log pages from Spokane to Baltimore, Maryland, showing his stops and load checks. After he completed the written portion, it was off for a road test, and by 3pm we heard the good word......he has passed and Craig was a free man again!

Oh sure, Charles will still have a day or so of attending a certification class, and filling out paperwork, having to spend the night in a hotel room, but more importantly, he was clearing his personal items out of the truck! I'm hoping for the best when I see the truck again, in that it isn't too dirty and it won't take me too long to get things back organized the way I like them. But bottom line is, in under 72 hours I will finally be back in the truck after a long 8 week absence.

Craig was given instructions to take an empty trailer to the Tyson Meat Plant in Wallula, WA and drop it there for a load going out Friday. The details of the load are yet to be received, but we figure he will be in French Camp sometime between Saturday late evening, or Sunday afternoon. In either case, I will have my bags packed and the pickup ready to go to meet up with him when he does arrive. I'll also be loaded down with groceries to last us at least until past Christmas when it just might be safe to venture out to a Wal Mart again.

I'm so excited to get back on the truck and enjoy the next 6 weeks or so until Craig takes on one more trainee towards the end of January. Yes, my birthday and Christmas wish has come be reunited with Craig and enjoying life out on the road together again.

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