Saturday, December 05, 2009


Lest I forget what this blog is truly about, I guess I should update you on the going ons of Craig and Charles as they travel the highways. After arriving at Fresh Express in Salinas, CA Thursday morning, they were told to just drop the trailer of apples and not wait around for a live unload. They headed over to the Pilot truck stop down the street and set up shop and await their next assignment.

That assignment came in around 2pm for a load out of Fresh Express, which was to be ready at 4pm, headed to Charlie's Produce in both Seattle and Spokane. They headed on over to see if the trailer was loaded yet, but found it still sitting in the dock with the red light flashing. Not much to do other than park in front of the trailer and wait, and finally by 6pm they had the trailer and were headed north.

Craig had the honors of driving, since Charles had driven them there that morning, so off he went to put in a full nights work and made it to Weed, CA where he finally shut down and crawled into bed. Shortly there after, Charles took over the driving duties and got them into Aurora, OR where they took a short break. It was then time for Craig to drive again, and as it turned out, do battle with Friday afternoon traffic through Portland, OR which is never any fun. They finally stopped to stage for their 1am delivery time about 100 miles from Seattle.

Around 9:30pm, Charles got the pleasure of driving at night and getting them through the maze of construction and very small streets in the section of Seattle where Charlie's is tucked away in. Thankfully, every time we have had a delivery here it is in the very early morning hours, with nary another soul on the road. Makes delivering there so much easier.

By 2am they were unloaded and headed towards Spokane. They decided to stop in North Bend, at the TA truck stop to grab a few hours of non moving sleep before finishing up the trip into Spokane. By 7am Craig once again took the driving duties and was on track to get into the company yard in Spokane by noon. There they will have ample time to do laundry, and take showers and rest up for their 7am delivery Sunday morning at the Charlie's in Spokane.

With it being the weekend, the odds are not great that they will get anything tomorrow. Most likely they will get a load sometime on Monday, and according to Craig, that is just fine with them. As hard as they have been running lately, they both could use a little rest.

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