Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I know it's the season, and Santa's little elves are busy, but I think Craig and Charles are giving them a run for their money. They have been running non stop now for the past two weeks, and no more so than the past 36 hours.

Monday, after leaving Puyallup for the delivery in Coeur d'Alene, ID they received a message saying as soon as they made the delivery at 11pm to head back to the yard and pick up a loaded trailer for the World Market store in Spokane. Getting back to the yard around 2am, they dropped their empty, and found the loaded trailer and hooked up. Then it was off to make the 5am delivery on Division Street. No sooner had they put in their empty call and they received yet another dispatch.

After dropping their empty dry van trailer, they hooked up to a reefer. After doing a quick load of laundry, they made their way to Moxie City to pick up apples. Their appointment was at 1pm, and by 3pm they were loaded, scaled, and headed south. This load of apples delivers in Salinas, CA at Fresh Express on Thursday morning. With both of them doing driving duties today, they finally called it a night in La Pine, OR.

They have a full day of driving on Wednesday, where they plan to make it to the company yard in French Camp, CA to set them up for their delivery on Thursday. No doubt they will get a load out of Salinas and start the cycle back up again. Doesn't look like any rest for these busy little elves any time soon.

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