Saturday, December 12, 2009


Craig finally got the dispatch information on his load around 5pm on Friday. Seems the computer system was down at Tyson, and in this day of automated, computerized record keeping, if the computer is down, there aren't too many companies that will do it the old fashion way, that is, if there is even anyone still working that can remember how that is even done. By the time he scaled out and completed the all the pre trip inspections it was near 6pm when he took off headed south.

Of course, much to my dismay, he would be driving through the night to get as far as he could. He was still doing the math when I quickly talked to him, as to whether he would even have enough hours to be able to make the deliveries on this load, as he has three scheduled. They are all on Sunday, starting at 6am in Merced, CA, then Newark, CA and finally ending in Santa Clara, CA.

Craig made it safely into Weed, CA this morning around 4am. Now I'm not as good as Craig on crunching the numbers, but doing some quick math in my head, I'm not really sure he will be able to the deliveries with about 8 more hours of driving to get into Merced. That would not leave enough time to do either a 10 or 8 hour break and make the 6am appointment time. I'll wait to hear from Craig later today to confirm my suspicions. If that does turn out to be the case, let's hope they don't swap him out with another driver before he can make it as far as French Camp and pick me up!

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Lynette said...

And they call this "unskilled labor!" I still get lost -- in the math!


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