Friday, December 04, 2009


Everyone loves a good surprise, and I have been masterminding this one for over two weeks now. It all started a day before Craig went back out on the truck and I left to visit my friend in Walla Walla. I decided that instead of coming back home for two weeks and wait for Craig to finish training Charles, that I would instead surprise my Mom by driving down to California weeks earlier than planned, and be her early Christmas present. So when we left the house on the 20th of November, we closed it up by turning off the water, cleaning out and unplugging the refrigerator, and turning the heater down. All that was left to do, was pretend on my blog that I was in fact returning home after my visit in Walla Walla. I made a phone call to my Mom on Wednesday, saying that I would be headed home the next day, and that I would call her over the weekend after I settled in. Then I left Walla Walla Thursday morning with a stop over in Klamath Falls, OR to break the drive up. This afternoon, I rolled into Modesto, CA and made the following phone call when I was two blocks from my Mom's house.

Mom: Hello?

Me: Hey, it me, just checking the way, has my mail been arriving there since I forwarded it?

Mom: Yes, I have quite a bit here

Me: Has a package arrived? I have been waiting for it and it's pretty important.

Mom: Yes, one arrived today for you

Me: Could you bring it to me?

Mom: What???????

Me: Could you bring it to me, it's kinda important

Mom: I wish I could

Me: Well you can, just step outside the front door and give it to me....and by the way Merry Christmas

Mom: (very long pause, trying to figure out exactly what was going on, until she sees my pickup in her drive way and finally realizes that I am really at her house)
It sure was fun to pull off a great surprise like that and to see the happy looks not only my Mom's face, but my niece's as well. I did enjoy my drive to California, especially in our pickup, where I could stop and take pictures whenever something caught my eye. It was also great to be able to pull into any Starbucks that called my name as well. I have no doubt that my Mom will enjoy by visit, and I will be looking forward to finally getting back onto the truck with Craig as soon as he is done training Charles and can get back down here to pick me up. If all goes well, he will be here to pick me up by my birthday. I couldn't think of a better present to receive than that!


Cori said...

Love the surprise and how you called your Mom (didn't know you were planning that part!). Photos are unusually GORGEOUS! So glad you arrived there you can RELAX. Thanks for all your company and decorating expertise while you were here. It was so much fun!

Mom said...

Moms are always thrilled by surprise visits from the kids.

Anonymous said...

What a terrific surprise indeed!!! You are great at pulling off the unusual! I hope you got a picture of the look on her face when she saw you. I'm happy to hear you had such a great time at Cori's. I have to agree with Cori about the scenic photos, they are outstanding as usual!!!! Now that you are back in California I hope I get a chance to see you! it's been toooooooooo long! Denise


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