Friday, December 18, 2009


Knowing that Snoqualmie Pass, would be the first of many snowy passes we would have to pass over this Winter, made it that much more anxious for me. But if the rest of our snowy journeys go as easy and as safely as this one......well I will be one very happy girl. Our load at Draper Valley in Renton, WA turned out to be a drop/hook. No waiting around for a live load, and we even got it almost two hours ahead of schedule. With plenty of fuel on board, we bypassed our fuel stop in North Bend, WA, after all, no need to torture yourself maneuvering around that truck stop at night if you don't need to.

Thirty miles into our journey we hit Snoqualmie Pass. It seems the tail end of the storm system was just passing by, as I watched the temperature start to rise. It was a slushy mix until right at the top of the summit, where it was still coming down fairly heavy. But a few miles down the other side and it turned to light showers. The only thing we had to deal with after that was heavy fog, which wasn't all that much fun either.

With this particular load, we would be able to drop it at the receiver's well before our appointment time of 5am. Arriving at 1:30am we were directed to where they wanted the trailer dropped, received our paperwork, and went in search of an empty trailer. Not finding any, we headed into the yard to hopefully get some sleep. These past three days have been sporadic with grabbing sleep when we could and running hard.

By 8am, we were awake and decided to take showers and do laundry in case we received another dispatch as soon as our 10 hour break was over. And wouldn't you know it, like clockwork the dispatch appeared on our computer. We were to head to Quincy, WA to Columbia Cold Storage to pick up frozen french fries that would be delivered to Long Beach, CA on Monday morning. Well, at least we have some breathing room on this load. Craig's driving hours were looking a bit thin, and we will have a couple of days of having less than 8 hours available. As it was, after loading we had just 15 minutes to get to a very small gas station with truck parking a few miles away, where we spent the night.Now as to those of you who could only imagine how incredibly delicious those wiener roll ups are, I don't have a recipe, as I purchase them from a tiny little bakery down the street from my Mom's house in Modesto, CA. I can attest too Craig acknowledging that it was sad yesterday when he didn't get a piping hot one handed to him for his lunch. But never fear, there is a chance to make use of our pickup at the company yard in French Camp and sneak away, hopefully tomorrow to restock our cooler. I'll be more than happy to pick you up some, but then delivery to you will be a major problem, so we'll just have to eat them for you. Trust me, I'm doing you a favor.....they can be addicting.


Jennie said...

Glad you are safe. And there you go with that picture again!!! I want!

rosemary said...

We used to make something called pigs in a blanket...sort of like these...but not really. I would take either a refrigerated roll of croissants and put a cocktail wiener in them or a biscuit and roll it around the wiener, brush with egg and bake.....but yours look yummy, salted and perfect.

adozeneggs said...

I'm glad you made it through the pass safely.
Won't the weather be much nicer in Long Beach??


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