Monday, December 21, 2009


You couldn't help but notice it. Maybe it was the way he held her so protectively, or the way she snuggled close to his chest. You would have to be blind not to see the love in his eyes when he gazed upon her face. Craig and I both stared, with big smiles on our faces, and when he looked up at us, I think his smile was even bigger. It was puppy love, and he had fallen head over heels.He had found her abandoned along the side of the road, in a cardboard box in Plainview, TX. She was probably not much more than 4 weeks old when he rescued her. The past two weeks he has been bottle feeding her every few hours as they learn to share the confines of the truck. We watched as she stood on wobbly legs on the asphalt parking lot of a truck stop, which will be all too familiar to her as she grows old. How appropriate is it, that he has named her "Diesel" and how we all agreed that he would have a traveling companion for life. Maybe one day we will see them again, traveling along this long lonely stretches of highway. And if we do? We will always remember how it all began, a kind and generous soul reaching out to one in need, and creating a bond to last through the ages. Travel safe my safe.


Mom said...

Adorable little guy

Barbara said...

What a lovely story!


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