Wednesday, December 16, 2009


As I was throwing together something for lunch today, I made the proclamation that today was a sad, sad, day. Craig, ever the inquiring mind, asked me why? As calmly as I could, I announced that it was the end of the line for the brownies and wiener roll ups, as of today there would be no more. Craig looked at me and said, "Today we eat, tomorrow we can be sad". Such is life with my husband. But I have to admit, these little wiener roll ups that I purchase whenever I am in Modesto cost just $1 each, and have the softest, most tasty breading around them. You just don't see bargains like that anymore.We got about 6 hours of sleep after stopping at the rest area Monday night, but we still had to sit around until the 10 hour mandatory break was over with before we could leave. By 10:30am we were headed north again with a little over 300 miles to go in order to get in an 8 hour split sleeper berth break before heading out to make our delivery at 3am in Seattle. By 4:30pm we were staged in Toledo, WA at GeeCee's Truck stop, heating up some beans for an early dinner and then trying to grab about 5 more hours of sleep before heading back out at 12:30am.

Nice thing about leaving that early is no traffic on the roads, and with a fuel stop in Tacoma, we grabbed a cup of coffee and made it the last 20 miles into Seattle and our first delivery. By 4am we were headed to our last stop in Auburn, WA at the Safeway Distribution Center. Here is where we were able to fit in our second half of the split sleeper berth break of 2 hours as we waited for our dock and 7am delivery appointment. You gotta love it when it all works out when you only have a small window of opportunity awaiting you.

By 8:30am we were sitting in the company drop yard in Pacific and waiting to hear what our next assignment would be. We were able to get maybe a couple of hours of sleep and expecting to get an overnight load into Spokane, put a pressure on us to try and get more. But sleep alluded us, as we tossed and turned with each train that passed by not more than 75 yards away from us. By 2pm we heard the beep and received our next dispatch information. We are heading to Renton, Wa to Draper Valley to pick up a load of chicken at 8pm tonight, and deliver it into Spokane by 5am in the morning.Our only worries now? What will Snoqualmie Pass throw at us as we try and head over the hill. For our sakes I hope we have an easy go of it, but that doesn't make for a good blog entry now does it? Keep your fingers crossed, I know mine will be.


Jennie said...

Praying for traveling mercies over the pass. And a safe winter! And just so you know, sister, I'm now getting up and looking for food in the kitchen due to that weiner roll-up picture!

adozeneggs said...

I hope your travels through the pass go well.
And I have to say, Dave would be in LOVE with that hot dog thingy.
He's a HUGE fan of the hot dog. Eats them almost every day!
Sorry I've been so sporadic, busy days in the cookie and cupcake factory, but everything should be back to normal soon!!
Be safe!

John said...

I need your recipe for those weiner roll-ups. We call em Pigs-in-a-blanket and my kids love em. But we just put the links in the cresent rolls that pop out of a can. That dough looks great.


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