Sunday, December 20, 2009


We were up and at 'em very early Friday morning. Leaving George, WA, where we stayed at, (that was an interesting conversation with my Mom when she asked where we were and I kept telling her George Washington), and made our way south with what limited driving hours Craig would have available to him. By 8am we were at Biggs, OR taking a break to stretch our legs and treat ourselves to a Sausage McMuffin with egg, courtesy of the good folks at McDonalds.Fortified for the rest of our journey we continued and ran smack dab into dense fog. As the sun tried vainly to burn through it, we finally climbed a small incline in the landscape to rise above the fog layer and see Mount Hood proudly poking it's head through the clouds and fog. I couldn't get a great photo of the blanket of fog covering the landscape, because as quickly as we were above it, we were just as quickly back under it again.Craig's driving hours would only take us as far as Chemult, OR where we got a prime parking spot in the front row, since we shut down for the day at noon. After the past few days that we have had, getting limited quality of time to sleep or even relax, this was a nice change of pace, having the remainder of the day to rest our tired bodies and minds. Suffice it to say, we were both sound asleep by 6pm and then up and ready to roll at again at 1am. Seems it is going to take another few days to get our body clocks back on track.

So off we went, stopping in Corning to get the truck and trailer washed, and with just enough hours to get us into French Camp. How lucky were we when our pickup was sitting waiting for us in the yard and my Mom was having a Christmas dinner for her friends that we were welcomed to partake in. Didn't have to ask us twice to a great home cooked meal and great company to share it with. Of course, shortly after consuming a large meal, both Craig and I were looking to find a bed to crash in. With our apologies for being party poopers, we bid our good byes and drove back to the yard where we were both sound asleep by 8pm, but not before I made sure to pack the dinner left overs away in our cooler!

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