Wednesday, December 09, 2009


That was what they were told when they rolled into French Camp, CA on Monday afternoon, and they asked if they had time to stay a short time. Nope, expedite it to Salinas, because they needed to get a trailer wash out and then drop the trailer and wait for a load going right back out again. So I had all of a grand total of 3 minutes to hand over the Chinese food and get as many hugs and kisses as I could, while Charles dropped their loaded trailer and hooked up to the empty. Then as I pulled away, they scarfed down their lunch and hit the road.

Upon arriving in Salinas and informing dispatch that they had dropped their trailer, they received this oh so charming message......."Sorry, they shorted us a load today, you'll get a load out tomorrow". Well isn't that just the way it goes sometimes. Well, at least their bellies were full, they had a spot to stay for the night, and they would get caught up on their rest. As for me, I'll just have to wait for the next time he comes through French Camp and hope for just a wee bit longer visit.

Tuesday afternoon, around 2pm, they were hooked up to a trailer loaded down with 6,000 pounds of produce and planning their route to Spokane, WA to the Safeway Distribution Center for Thursday morning. But before they could get too far, while doing the pre trip inspection, they found that one of the drive tires was in need of replacement. After stopping at a local tire shop, and getting the tire fixed, they were finally on their way.

Since they both had available hours to drive, this time Charles got to do the honors and drove during the late evening hours to get them into Weed, CA by around midnight. Craig will get up early and drive his allotted hours and then Charles will take over to get them into the company yard in Spokane tonight, which will set them up nicely for their delivery in the morning. With that the count down will begin for one last week of training. If you ask me.....that is something they could expedite!

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