Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Suffice it to say, our super secret special parking space in Vernon, CA is not so super , secret, or special any more. The Grinch this year, showed up in the middle of the night, wearing a blue uniform, and covertly left a little parking ticket wrapped up nicely in a plastic bag, without so much as a bow, on the driver's side window of the truck. As he drove away, I'm sure I heard Cindy Lou Who and all the folks in Whoville say a collective "tsk tsk" as he drove away. As you probably figured out by now, we made it into LA and then into Long Beach, CA to make our delivery of the frozen french fries. There we met up with four more TWT trucks making deliveries, and then all four of us wound up at the Company yard in Bloomington, CA along with about 6 other trucks waiting to get a new assignment. We thought we wouldn't get any dispatch until today, but long about 5pm last night, it came across the computer. No surprise, head to the Port in San Diego and pick up bananas and then head to Clackamas, OR.

Now this is the exact same load we received last year, and like last year, we have tentatively planned out our holiday travels until delivery on Saturday, the day after Christmas. I say tentatively, because last year, we had visions of a fabulous buffet Christmas dinner in Corning, CA and had it taken away from us when we were told to drop the bananas in the yard in French Camp, head to Salinas and pick up a load of produce, and then head to Montana during a nice big snow storm. I'm hoping that doesn't happen again this year.

With today being my birthday, we will combine both my birthday dinner and Christmas dinner together on the 24th in Weed, CA at the Dos Amigos Resturarant. My mouth is already salivating just thinking about the feast we will partake in..........that is if the Grinch doesn't make an encore appearance and figure out a way to take that away from us as well as the $103 dollars we will have to pay for that darn parking ticket.


Mom said...

and a happy birthday to you.

rosemary said...

Happy Birthday, Diane.....and a hex on that ticketer.


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