Saturday, July 18, 2009


It's been a week since we parted ways, me to go home for a few weeks to check on things, and Craig to stay out driving until scheduled home time around the first of August. It hasn't been our first separation, and certainly it will not be our last, but this time, for whatever reason it seems to be dragging.

When he was training Don (and we all remember that infamous trainee and his rather rude departure), the time flew by, and I couldn't believe it had almost been five weeks apart, and there suddenly, he was home and I was back out on the truck. Now, every day is like watching each and every crystal of sand drop slowly through the hourglass, as we count down the days until we are together again.

I never imagined finding someone like Craig. Strike that, of course we all dream of finding that perfect person whom we think is right for us, but that perfect person I had thought I wanted, wasn't Craig. He was so much more, and it was quite by accident that we even met up. I know in my heart of hearts that a higher being had a tad bit to do with that meeting.

With Craig in my life, he inspires me to believe I can do anything. I know he will read this and say that's not true, but he truly is the better person in our relationship. He brings me out of my shell, he trusts me and my instincts, Lord, how he makes me laugh everyday, and he loves me beyond measure, and it's not so much in his words of endearment, but in his actions. I've told his parents many times that they raised a very decent, honorable man, and who can ask for more than that from a parent?

You wouldn't think that two people together 24/7 for over three years now, wouldn't mind a break from one another every once in awhile. But honestly, after about 12 hours apart, we are so ready to be back in each other's company. So continued safe travels Craig, I'm counting down the days and hoping the next two weeks go by quickly, and really, when you think about it, you and me against the world? ............. we are an unstoppable team.


Mom said...

You are blessed - and you know it. That is a good thing

Anonymous said...

Something so very private and personal and you have, once again, expressed it so perfectly! You two compliment and inspire one another. I do believe you were blessed to find one another at the perfect time in your lives and it has been amazing!!! I imagine it will continue to be amazing knowing you as the wonderful couple you are!!! Denise

Bob Funkhouser said...

I know how you feel. When I go off golfing and Teresa runs off with Beth I can't wait till we both get back home and "catch up." After our August TAH Teresa is going to stay back and go spend a week with the girls in Champaign. They've got lots going on and she wants to spend some quality time with them, not just an hour or so for lunch.

I'm sure I will feel totally lost without her. But life goes on, doesn't it ?

Brad said...

Hi, I know what you mean about the 24/7...people just don't understand how two people can be togeather that long and that close. Ruth Ann and I have been doing it now for over 7 requiers two very special people like you and Graig and ruth Ann and I. Great post.


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