Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm going to take another stab at trying to make an entertaining or at least interesting blog entry with so very little information from my wonderful husband. Honestly, he tries, or at least I like to think he tries, to give me something of which I might be able to make a blog entry out of, but most times it leaves me scratching my head wondering how in the world I'll ever think of something to write about. So I guess, writing about trying to figure out what to write about, just might do the trick, at least for the first paragraph.

Craig was in and out of the CostCo Tracy, CA delivery long before his appointment time, and then making his way south to stage in the Company yard in Bloomington. Upon his arrival there, he noticed two things, the first being that there was only one other TWT truck in the yard. The other, was that the yard was filled with trucks and trailers from the flat bed division, and that the majority of the flat beds were empty. Freight must not be moving as well on the flat bed side as it is on the reefer side.

Since the temperature in sunny southern California was a very sunny 100+ degrees, he activated the heat shields and sequestered himself inside his man cave of a truck, although he assures me he has been keeping it clean and vacuumed. Getting up early on Tuesday he was showered and had his laundry done by 6am and waiting out the clock until his 10am delivery at the CostCo in Mira Loma.

He managed to eek out some detention pay at the CostCo and for his troubles was rewarded with a loaded trailer of Tropicana juice waiting for him back at the Company yard courtesy of Eddie the local driver. Doesn't get much better than that, as he had just enough hours on his books to get him well out of the LA area and into Avenal, CA for the evening.

The juice delivers at the Fred Meyer DC in Clackamas, OR Thursday at 1pm and we have already begun the guessing game on what his next assignment might be. I'm hoping any Tillamook loads will wait until I'm back on the truck come August. Even up here in Washington it has been unseasonably hot and the thought of a nice big ice cream cone is sounding super fantastic about now!

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your stories are good and well written along with the photos. Never dull.


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