Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Life for us in the trucking business has been good these days. Before Craig had even finished his last assignment, he was sent his next dispatch. We had suspected the odds were in the favor of a banana load out of San Diego, and our instincts were not wrong. But first, Craig had to finish up with his deliveries in the LA area.

His first stop at the Kool Pak in Wilmington proved a little daunting, as when he arrived, they told him to park on the street somewhere and await their phone call. You don't want to miss an opportunity to turn when you should in the middle of LA, which Craig did, and he ended up having to drive about 5 miles out of his way to make a turn on a truck allowed street to get back to the area of the receiver. The good news out of this was that he actually found an area of street parking for trucks which he tucked into his memory banks for the next time he would return to this part of town.

His second challenge was actually communicating with the workers at Kool Pak. Here is where a little knowledge of Spanish would have been helpful, but Craig powered through the communication difficulties and got all the proper paperwork signed before the unloading commenced. After the unload, and with a couple of hours to waste until his next delivery, he used the before mentioned new truck parking area to kick back and relax.

Arriving at Ralph's the security guards checked him in and then the warehouse workers seemed to have a problem with him being there after 3pm, since according to them they don't unload after that bewitching hour. Hmmmmm, let's check the facts here. His appointment was confirmed for 3:30pm, the guards had checked the paperwork and signed off on the 3:30pm appointment, and gee, how funny, once the warehouse workers made a phone call, they were unloading Craig's trailer after 3pm. Score one for the truck drivers!

Once unloaded, Craig went over to our super secret place to park in Vernon for the night, which was closer to San Diego then driving all the way to the Company yard in Bloomington. After a good night's sleep, he was headed to stage at the rest area on Interstate 5, right along the coastline, to await his okay to respond into the little receiving area on the residential street I have talked about before. No easy pick up at the Port of San Diego this time for bananas.

As for me, well I'm still looking at the headboard project that needs to be tackled, not to mention the hamper of dirty clothes that will probably stay put for another few days, and just enjoying being happy, rested, and being totally in love with the place where we live. I've taken to going for my morning walk way before the rest of mankind has even thought about sticking their heads outside and I get to watch the the sun rise above the pine trees.

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