Friday, July 17, 2009


As you know, when I'm not on the truck, I get very little information from Craig about the goings on out on the highways. The last couple of days have been no exception, and I'm left with just regurgitating what has been told to me. Don't get too excited, there isn't much to report.

Craig left Corning on Thursday morning and had an uneventful drive into Aurora, OR where he staged for his delivery in Clackamas this morning. He arrived around 2pm and quickly put the heat shield blockers up on the windows, and relaxed in the comfort of his truck at what I am sure was around 58 degrees. If I haven't already shared this with you, Craig's temperature runs a degree or so higher than most people, and I have been known to refer to him to my friends and my "thermo nuclear man".

He did hear some knocking on the door around 6pm by another TWT driver that said he was there to swap loads with him. Craig was a bit confused as he hadn't received word yet on this swap. So when the other driver told him that all he knew was that he was swapping loads with truck 269, Craig had to chuckle a bit and kindly inform him that he was truck 296, and that he too had problems with transposing numbers from time to time. As is normally the case when a couple of truck drivers meet up, they spent a few more minutes shooting the breeze before Craig climbed back into the cool comfort of his truck.

This morning the drop went as it usually does at the Fred Meyer DC in Clackamas. A mere 30 minutes and the bananas are off loaded and you are headed out the gates. This time another dispatch was fast on the heels of his empty call, and he is now headed to Wallula, WA to the Tyson Meat Plant to pick up a load of meat at 7pm tonight.

This particular load has three drops, one in Daly City, CA on Sunday at 11am and then two more drops in Vernon starting at 2am and 6am Monday. It didn't take too much time to figure out that no matter how he crunched the numbers, that he would not be able to make the last two drops in the LA area. As has been the case, no doubt there will be either a drop or a swap at French Camp when he is done in Daly City.

By the way, I'm trying not to think too much about that said drop in Daly City, the San Francisco area is never a fun place to make a drop, but if memory serves me well, I think we have been to this particular place before, and with it being a Sunday delivery, maybe it won't prove to be too difficult. It's times like this that I wish I was on the truck to be able to help with those difficult backs in congested areas!

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Mark Krusen said...

Yep Diane,
You belong in the truck for sure.


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