Friday, July 24, 2009


As I have mentioned before, we rarely eat out when on the truck, as it is so much more cost effective to have nourishment on board. But there comes a time, in everyones life, when you just need a little change of pace, something different to titillate the old taste buds, and last night was that time for Craig. After staging in Aurora for his 1pm delivery in Clackamas, and then after a successful unload at Fred Meyers DC, he headed back to Aurora where he received his next assignment. Wouldn't you know's ice cream!! but much to my relief, it wasn't in Tillamook. (I'm still holding out to go there when I'm back on the truck). No, this time it is a return visit to Eugene, OR and the Oregon Ice Cream Company. Knowing that there was a independent truck stop just 20 so miles away from the Shippers location, Craig decided to head to Halsey, OR for the night, even though he didn't have an appointment to pick up the ice cream until 2pm on Friday. We have stayed at this truck stop before, while on the Marine Division delivering boats, and had to pay $75 for a mandatory weekly truck and trailer wash. You can see the tiny little shack, and the one man operation in the picture above. That was by far the most we have ever had to spend for a wash, then or since. When he arrived at the truck stop, and was settled in, even finding to his surprise good TV reception, he gave me a phone call to update me on his status. Several times during the conversation, he mentioned that he was starving and was having trouble getting excited about what he had in the truck to eat. With just a tad bit encouragement from me, he decided to treat himself to a dinner at the restaurant on the premises. From the looks of the photograph he sent me, I doubt he walked away hungry from that meal!


Txjerry2 said...

Looks like a double sirloin burger with onion gravy and a baked potato. Yummy. I have been following you guys for more than a year now and have enjoyed your comments about life on the road and the pictures you have included along the way. I started following about the time my partner started driving for Con-Way Truckload...the old CFI. I need to ask you guys a question about a good place to stop (with her truck of course) in the San Francisco area (Sacramento or maybe Fairfield) so we can meet up there for a few days. Do you still check your profile email address? Let me know and I will fire off a email to you. You can reply to me via the name/URL. Thanks Diane

Anonymous said...

Who's coming for dinner my guess was going to Don. LOL But I see I was wrong

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Txjerry2 - I tried finding your URL or email but couldn't find it. Really, the only place we know of to stay anywhere in the Bay Area would be at the 49'er Truck Stop in Sacramento off of Interstate 80. You do have to pay, I think $10 a day to stay there.

There are other places, such as a rest stop near Fairfield, or a large turn out area at the top of the Altamont Pass, but if you're looking for a place to stay a few days, the 49'er Truck Stop is your best bet.

My email address is checked daily, so if you need any further help, just fire me off an email, and thanks for traveling along with us on our travels. We also appreciate the company!


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