Monday, July 20, 2009


Bless his heart! Craig made sure to call me and let me know he made it to San Francisco and into the dock safely yesterday. I have a bad habit of worrying over things I really don't need to worry about, but Craig has learned to adapt to it and calm my worries. As we had talked about, it was so much easier this time at this particular receiver as one, it was during daylight hours, and he could see exactly where he was backing up to, and two, it was first thing in the morning and not at the tail end of his 14 hour clock. Two major factors for a successful delivery.

He had been informed the day before, that after his delivery in San Francisco to head back to the Company yard in French Camp and drop his trailer, because he would not have enough hours to make the final two deliveries in LA. When he arrived at French Camp, he received his next assignment to hook up to a loaded trailer full of Tillamook Cheese. This particular load has two deliveries, one in Tracy, CA this morning at 9:30am and then tomorrow in Mira Loma at 10am. This will make for a nice relaxing two days, as Craig's hours were looking a bit slim with only a few hours left on his 70hour clock. We both are thinking he will probably get a banana load come Wednesday morning as we begin the countdown to his home time.

As far as news on the home front? I'm still enjoying my surroundings, getting to know a few of the people that make this area their summer home, and even began a home project of making a headboard for our beds. I still need a few more decorative details, which will have to wait until Craig is home and can cut the wood pieces for me, but all in all, I think it is shaping up quite nicely. I'll be sure to post pictures of the completed project.

I've also been doing battle with yellow jackets as well. I was able to eradicate them from building nests under the eaves on the shed, but they found a new place to their liking under our front porch decking. Who knew that I would be so exposed to all the crawling, flying critters that living in remote areas brings with it. The carpenter ants are no where to be seen, the big flying beetles are gone, I haven't seen any flies or mosquitoes yet, but those yellow jackets are a persistent lot. But hey, it gives me something to worry about when I'm not worrying about Craig.


Mom said...

Worrying is one of best skills.

Anonymous said...

the last couple of years I had problems with yellow jackets and so my wife bought these fake bee hives made of paper they look like the real thing. This year no yellow jackets.

Mark Krusen said...

So Diane,

I see my wife sent you a picture of me to use on this post. That's back when I had hair.


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