Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It is safe to say that Craig's truck has not been washed in well over two months, right about the time we started running non stop. He has had intentions of getting it washed, but the timing never quite worked out with the trip plan, and so the truck went unwashed and the bugs and debris slowly became petrified onto the paint surface.

Well today was the day that Craig made it happen. After picking up his bananas in San Diego Tuesday morning, he made it to Buttonwillow, CA where he called it a night. Up this morning, he first took a shower and cleaned himself up, and then headed towards Lathrop, CA and Joe's Travel Plaza. Here is where two unlucky truck washers, had the pain of trying to wash over two months worth of road grime and bugs from the truck. But wash it they did, and it emerged looking like this. After a quick stop at the Company yard in French Camp to drop off a trip packet, Craig continued his journey north and is now sitting sequestered away inside his truck at the Casino in Corning, CA with the AC blasting, as the temperature reads 113 outside. While he is there he is finishing up the day with one last washing......his dirty clothes. Tomorrow looks to be a nice clean start to the day!

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