Monday, July 13, 2009


It's been a quiet couple of days both here in the Pacific Northwest, and for Craig out on the road. The load of meat was waiting for him when he got to Wallula, WA Friday afternoon, and after scaling and finding it legal to transport, he shut down for the night in Pasco.

While Craig was busy back at work, I made my way north with a stop at the Wal Mart north of Spokane. This is probably one of a handful of Wal Marts I truly do not like to go to. It is always packed with people, and going up and down the aisles is like playing bumper cars trying to maneuver around everyone else. But I persevered, and loaded down with groceries to last me the two weeks that I would be at home, I continued my trek north.

Saturday, Craig was up early and on the road with the thought of driving well over 550 miles and making it to Corning, CA. Yesterday, he finished off the majority of the rest of his trip and landed in Lebec at the Flying J to stage for his delivery into LA this morning. His first delivery is in Wilmington at a Kool Pak at 9am, and then finishing up his day at the dreaded Ralph's in Compton at 3:30pm. Craig is hoping with such a late delivery at Ralph's, that the dock area will not be as crowded as it normally is in the morning.

I've spent the last couple of days just relaxing and enjoying my surroundings. It was warm, near 90 degrees, and I was thankful for our AC system, as I kept comfortable inside looking out. Today however, is a different story. We had some thunderstorms during the night, and as I went for my morning walk, it started to rain again. Presently, it is raining quite hard and the skies are grey. They say it will not get much above 60 degrees today and that is totally to my liking as I sit with the windows open and sipping my latte wondering what assignment Craig will get next.

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