Saturday, July 11, 2009


While sitting in the yard Thursday after making our deliveries, we noticed that the QualComm was not receiving a signal. We moved the truck around the yard, even tried resetting it, but nothing doing, no signal and us left wondering if we had received a dispatch yet. Luckily, we had informed dispatch that we would be available on cell phone while we did some shopping at Wal Mart, and after we hadn't acknowledged the dispatch, they called us and let us know the information.

We wouldn't have much to do, just wait until a driver dropped a trailer loaded with produce in the yard at 3am, and then make two deliveries in the morning, the first one being Spokane Produce at 5am. After some documentation regarding a missing pallet of produce, we were on the way to our second drop at Safeway at 9am. By 1pm we were headed back to the yard and thinking that we would be spending another night together before parting ways.

Just when Craig stepped out of the truck to see about getting it washed by the yard crew, the QualComm started beeping and I knew that I would indeed be headed home. I met Craig in the parking lot to give him the news and then went and got our pick up to load up my stuff. And with that, I was headed home and Craig was headed to Tyson Meat in Wallula, WA for a load which delivers in the Los Angeles area on Monday.

It goes without saying I miss Craig already, but I have no doubts I will have no trouble getting into the routine back at home, and that the next three weeks will fly by......with the help of a few home improvement projects that I have on my list.


Mom said...

I love reading about your life together - and temporarily apart. It seems an adventurous life.

adozeneggs said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed scrolling down and looking at your stunning pictures. I'm suppose to be icing cookies right now, so I'll be back later to catch up on your travels.
Can't wait to see your home improvement projects!!


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