Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I don't know how everyone else is running these days in the trucking business, but I can say that we have been run hard, and Craig will find himself completely out of hours by the time we get to Weed, CA in a few hours. Also, in order to arrive at the deliveries on time, we've had to get running immediately after our 10 hour breaks, which has resulted in driving in the middle of the night and trying to sleep in the early afternoons. I can't really say that I'm disappointed that we will have 34 hours to rest and do some exploring while in Weed. In fact I think we will both enjoy the down time while Craig accumulates fresh driving hours. We made the delivery in Walla Walla, WA Tuesday morning. We were hoping to meet up with my friend Cori and her husband for breakfast after we were done, but we had already been sent a pre plan for another load as soon as we were empty. This load required pallets, so off we went to Pasco to first pick up pallets, and then to the truck stop to get a light weight before heading into the shipper in Richland, WA.

We arrived an hour early for our appointment, and saw that there were at least 8 trucks ahead of us waiting to get loaded. One after one, they were directed to open docks, and shortly after our appointment time, we had a dock and were getting loaded with frozen french fries for Trader Joe's. This is by far, not the heaviest of loads we have had recently, and after using their on site scale, we were pleased with the axle weights and made it back to the truck stop as Craig's 14 hour clock was running out. This morning, once again we were up and on the road by 2am. We have 460 miles to cover of which almost 300 of them are already behind us. We should arrive in Weed before noon, and we are still waiting to hear about swapping loads. No matter what we get, we won't be able to start driving again until around midnight Thursday night/Friday morning. Until then, we'll be exploring Weed and maybe checking out the Mexican Restaurant next to the truck stop.

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