Friday, July 31, 2009


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought we moved to Washington State to get away from the blasting, oven hot heat of summer. Did I miss the memo that said the jokes on us? And yes I know, at least it's a dry heat with no humidity, but I am so ready for Fall and Winter......that is until I start complaining about the snow and ice covered roads. Craig sent me a picture of the yard in Bloomington, CA while he was there waiting to deliver on Thursday. We have never seen the yard so empty before, and Craig was the only TWT driver there! Things must have really picked up on the flat bed side this week, as Craig was just about the only customer when the Taco Truck showed up at lunch time. After his delivery early Thursday morning, he was told to go back to the yard and drop his trailer and await a loaded trailer which would be brought to him by one of the local drivers. We had guessed correctly that it would be bananas from San Diego, and by noon, Craig was headed for Puyallup, WA and the well deserved home time. His delivery is for Sunday morning, and most likely he will get a load from the Fred Meyer DC into Spokane for either Sunday night, or Monday morning. Life goes on here in Walla Walla, WA while I am visiting my friend, awaiting Craig's return to Spokane for home time. We tried a new chicken recipe called "Spiced Sticky Boneless Chicken Thighs", that was literally devoured by the five of us for dinner. Even the kids were fighting over the last little bits of chicken left clinging to the yummy glaze on the serving platter. This will no doubt be a meal I will fix for Craig while we are home. Cori and I spent some time out in her flower garden cutting flowers, before the day got too terribly hot. She then got busy trimming them and placing them into bouquets, which she brought to a neighbor, along with some of the maple oatmeal scones. That is some lucky neighbor in my opinion. We'll do battle again with the heat, and live to tell about it tomorrow, when it is predicted to be 105 degrees. I think it's time for another glass of ice tea.....and hurry home Craig, before I melt from the heat!

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Mom said...

What beautiful flowers!
the northeast has has strange weather this whole years.


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