Tuesday, March 03, 2009


How many of you out there thought the same as I did and just knew we would continue the battle of the purchase order number this morning in Stockton. Go ahead, talk amongst yourselves, then give me a show of hands. I'll patiently wait. Okay, let's count...1,2,3... a little higher there in the back......4,5,6.......... AHA you guys are smart!

After enjoying the rest of the afternoon watching the sun set, and taking a stroll around the neighborhood, we settled in for an exciting night of Jack Bauer and "24". We woke to the sounds of many trucks and their air brakes, and at the "ding dong time" of 6am, Craig made his walk of doom back to the guard shack armed with the purchase order number they assured us was the correct one. Of course, it wasn't. This called for action, and I knew just what to do. Grab the Starbucks card and walk down the street and get us some coffee before we tackled this problem. After all, a good cup of caffeine induced coffee always makes me feel much better in the morning. With coffee and a fresh pastry in hand we walked back to the truck to make a phone call.

Back on the phone again to customer service, Craig is now armed with yet another number, as he walks back to check to see if it might be the lucky one. Nope, not on their list. Then Craig gets the bright idea to have them check the list from yesterday and "Eureka", there it is. We are told to wait for a phone call to let us know when our dock would be ready.Moments later we receive the phone call and are finally backed into a dock and getting half of our ground beef unloaded. Thirty minutes later we are done and at last on our way out of Stockton and headed south to Vernon. We gave dispatch an update on our best estimate on when we could be there, (around 5pm tonight), and inquired what our updated appointment time might be.

We enjoyed the drive south, with gorgeous weather and sunny skies, and shortly after I had prepared lunch we got the beep on the computer. Our updated appointment time will be tomorrow morning at 5am. Works for us perfectly! We plan on camping out at our super special secret parking area in Vernon, and with a 5am delivery, we would have plenty of time to receive a new assignment when we go empty.We can't really complain about this load, as we really didn't lose all that much time with the purchase order number problem. Plus we got a bucket load of detention pay sitting there waiting to get unloaded, and we enjoyed a Starbucks. Now that's what I call turning lemons into lemonade!


Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful pictures. I love lemonade too, almost as much as your photos.
C'ya on the Hiways!

rosemary said...

good planning with the Starbucks run....good old Vernon. My ex worked at a Safeway meat packing plant there decades ago....never ate a hot dog on purpose again.


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