Monday, March 23, 2009


I wish I could make this as entertaining as Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, but I just don't have the comedy writers at my disposal this week..........he decided to take a week of vacation to take care of a medical problem.....go figure! Speaking of which, as suspected he is totally being spoiled by my Mother! Let's hope he can readjust to reality when it happens upon his return to work.Craig has another doctor's appointment today. We are hoping that the good news on the infection front keeps coming and that by the end of the week he will be allowed to return to work. I do know that he plans on going out to his truck at the company yard after his appointment. Think he just might be missing being on the road?

My get together in San Jose was just wonderful. So many memories revisited with the ones who created them. Lots of laughter and smiles, and just an overall feeling of joy reconnecting with so many old friends. I can only hope that at least someone retires once every 6 months so that we have another reason to meet.

My road trip to Washington is on it's final leg with my friend Cori. We made it to Klamath Falls, OR where we decided after the late night we had the night before, that we needed a little down time to recoup. Seems we just aren't as young as we think we are anymore! By late this afternoon we should arrive in Walla Walla and begin the process of the big move into the new house.

Wish I had real trucking news to tell you all about, but this is the best I can do with what I have to work with. Here's hoping for Craig being back on the road again and headed towards my location so that I can warm up that passenger seat which has been left empty for way too long!

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rosemary said...

Thank goodness for mothers in law...and fast healing.


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