Monday, March 09, 2009


Yep, that's all we did today......100 miles. Pretty rough day if I do say so myself. We are shut down and staged in Sacramento for our 4:15am delivery in Rocklin, CA tomorrow, and it's not even 11am yet! And that's after getting up this morning in Corning, taking showers, enjoying a nice hot breakfast, and driving the aforementioned 100 miles. We've had a pretty good run of lazy trucker days, but that will come to an end when we start the first of our 5 deliveries on this load. We arrived at the Oregon Ice Cream Company in Eugene, OR on Sunday morning. We did have a very slight detour, when we took the wrong road, but it was easily fixed at the next off ramp, and we pulled up to the business 30 minutes early. The place looked deserted, as Craig took off on foot to see if he could find any sign of humans. He returned without making any contact with anyone, but then we saw someone walk through the gate into the office. Craig, ever aware of how fragile early morning arriving workers can be, allowed the person to at least grab a cup of coffee and have a few minutes of peace and quite, before he made his approach to the office to inquire about our load. We were directed through a couple of turns through their complex to their one loading dock. After confirming the order in which the product should be loaded, we settled into the truck to enjoy our breakfast of fresh oranges and banana bread. After less than an hour, we were loaded and ready to head out, as we saw another TWT driver make his way towards the dock we were vacating. We had heard that there might be snow, but were happy to see going over the passes into California, that the snow was barely there, and the roads were clear. As is my routine now, and especially since the skies were so clear, I had to take a few pictures of my Mt. Shasta as we went by. The rest of the trip into Corning was uneventful as we enjoyed the beautiful weather and 60 degree temperatures. Which leads us back to where we are now. The sun is shinning, the temperature is rising, and before long we will need to run the A/C. I guess if it gets too hot, a quick product check in our minus 20 degree trailer just might do the trick to cool us off!


John said...

That's a pretty intelligent fellow you're married to there. Allowing the early morning worker to get his coffee is the epitome of wisdom. And just plain smart too.

Carolyn said...

just found your blog. and added your to my favorites.

I love your pics.

adozeneggs said...

the pictures are magnificent!!
Our mountains are not so pretty right now.

rosemary said...

wonderful shots of MtS......oranges and banana bread....perfect.


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