Thursday, March 19, 2009


In the good news, bad news department, I have lots to fill you in on, so let's get started. Good news, it was a badly infected boil, which is treatable. Bad news, Craig had to endure a lancing and having an instrument inserted into the mass to break it up. Good news, he felt some relief immediately after the procedure. I'm not sure if it was because the procedure was over, especially since he had no anesthesia or numbing shots, or that some of the infection was finally released from his body. Bad news, he has to go back again tomorrow for additional treatment. Now let's switch it up a bit. Bad news, the Doctor says it will take up to two weeks of every other day visits to the doctor's office to cure the infection. Good news, Craig has two weeks of vacation that he can use to cover him not driving. Bad news, while he is off on his sick leave/vacation, I will not be here with him, as I have other commitments in Washington with my best friend Cori. Good news, if it does in fact take him two full weeks, at least I can drive back down after my time in Walla Walla and spend the remainder of his time off with him.

Are there other ways we would have liked to have spent our vacation time this year? In the words of Sarah Palin...."Oh you betcha"! But man, am I happy that we at least had that time to fall back on while he mends and gets healthy. Craig's health is much more important to me than spending time on the beach. As I always say, it could have been worse, and we are thankful, that this is a storm we can weather through, and hopefully come out to see the rainbow at it's completion.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that Craig is feeling way better and that something very good comes of your enforced vacation.

Best to you both.



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