Thursday, March 12, 2009


Because my blog entry yesterday was getting way too long, I didn't quite tell you the whole story on our ice cream delivery. Our last stop not only had us worried that they wouldn't unload us because we were delayed getting there, but upon getting our paperwork, and finding nothing out of the ordinary marked on the bill of lading, Craig pulled out to close the doors and found ICE CREAM! Yes, you read that right, we had 15 cases of mint chocolate chip ice cream happily occupying our trailer. Craig tried finding someone in the office, but they wouldn't answer his knock, or answer the phone. Well now what? I was having dreams of a mint chocolate chip feast, but Craig was on the phone calling customer service before I could even think about grabbing me a pint.

Looking over the bill of lading, faintly in pencil we could see where UNFI got 15 cases more of the mint chocolate chip than they ordered, and by golly, I guess they just couldn't find a use for it, so they left it for us. Customer service, after talking to Craig, was calling Oregon Ice Cream Co. in Eugene, OR to see if they wanted to donate the product. While they conferred, we went about dropping off the pallets and headed to the company yard in Bloomington. Since the maid I had wished for wasn't there to do our laundry or fix our dinner, I went about my chores, while we waited to hear what would become of that ice cream that was just taunting me in the trailer. About an hour later we had our answer. We were given a number to the Second Harvest Food Bank in Riverside, CA, to which we called, and they would be more than happy to take it from us. Since we were out of driving hours for the day, we told them we would be dropping it off first thing in the morning. I'm always a little apprehensive going into new territory with the truck and trailer, never knowing what tiny little streets would await us, but I was pleasantly surprised, as we made our way to the food bank, that the streets were wide, and we saw no signs indicating trucks were not allowed on the streets. To say they were happy to receive the ice cream was an understatement. Both Craig and I think that maybe a pint or two were sampled shortly after we left just to make sure it was edible, after all, it was rice milk ice cream. And so in honor of Paul Harvey............ now you know the rest of the story!


Anonymous said...

Your will power is exceptional, wow! I'm not really sure whether to be impressed with the scale of the food bank or saddened that it is needed so much that it would have developed to that level. I'm glad the mistake will make some very needy people very happy after dinner.
C'ya on the Hiways!

Mom said...

What a happy rest of the story for some hungry people.


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