Saturday, February 28, 2009


So we get the oil products unloaded, with one minor little mishap. Seems when a case of lubricating oil was loaded onto the truck, they ripped the side of the cardboard box and poked a hole in a couple of plastic bottles, however nothing leaked onto the trailer, thank goodness. A quick call to the claims department, and a photo or two and we were headed to the company yard to get some work done on the truck.

See about 3 days ago, a very itty bitty crack in the passenger side window, decided to make its self known and traveled from top to bottom. This made for some interesting maneuvering to try and take photos from the front of the truck. I had to resort to using my side window which always seems to have a nasty glare on it whenever I want to take a photograph through it.We pulled into the yard, unhooked from the trailer, and I loaded up with computers, our dirty laundry, and of course lunch, and headed to the driver's lounge to relax while the repair was getting done. We enjoyed a couple of hours of solitude and then retrieved the truck with the shiny new window. We advised dispatch that we were ready to "rock and roll" and we were given an assignment to hook up to a new trailer.Wouldn't you know it, upon inspection, we found pallets in the trailer and a flat tire. Thankfully, getting rid of the pallets was easy enough, we could drop them off in the yard and still collect a few bucks for a pallet drop. The tire, we had to take to the trailer shop, and in a short amount of time we had a new tire put on. They also decided to replace three others while they were at it.

So, "where are you going"?, I hear you all asking......... We are off to Kennewick, WA to Columbia Cold Storage to pick up frozen french fries and take them to Long Beach. I think that will set us up nicely for another banana load, but then you just never know.

On a total side note, thanks to Rosemary, we finally broke down and bought a bag of Hershey Cherry Cordial Kisses. They taste just like chocolate covered cherries! Do yourself a favor, don't even be tempted to buy a bag unless you want to give into an addiction that Craig and I will most likely be seeking professional help to kick. In the mean time, don't mind me while I sign off, I need my hands to grab a couple of more out of the quickly dwindling bag.


adozeneggs said...

Give me any Hershey Kiss please!
Right now though I can't stop thinking of Easter candy. Peeps and cadbury eggs.
How long had you had the crack in the windshield before is spread??

Mark Krusen said...

I've never seen those kisses anywhere. I'm so going to be looking for them now.

John said...

I don't know if it's your perspective or if it's reality, but it's nice to hear of a company that takes care of the drivers and makes repairs quickly and with little hassle. Very refreshing. I'll pass on the Cherry cordial kisses, but I did find some with caramel in them that just melted my heart.

CRAIG and DIANE said...

The crack had been there for months before it finally gave up and just cracked the entire windshield.

Mark, I'm telling you, you better be prepared to have a total addiction, but a good one none the less.

John, our company is very good about making repairs and making them fast. We have never spend much more than a few hours at any of their yards getting things fixed. Heck, they even noticed a mud flap that was in need of replacement and did that too! We have no complaints.


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