Sunday, March 29, 2009


I have so many things to be thankful for, but high on my list is the fact that I am back in the passenger seat, next to the love of my life, (Craig of course, for those of you wondering, but my laptop does come in a close second). As has been the case throughout most of our life together, the timing couldn't have been better. I had finished helping my friends move by Friday mid morning, so I took off towards our home in Usk, WA to check on things. Arriving Friday early evening at home, and satisfied that everything was in order, except for a railing on our side deck that the snow pack took out on its nosedive descent to the ground, I spent the night and took off towards Spokane Saturday morning just as the rain was beginning to fall. Craig was bound for Spokane too on Saturday after a delivery in Auburn, WA earlier in the morning. By the time I had completed our grocery shopping for the next few weeks, the rain had turned to snow as I pulled into the Company yard. Craig was there waiting and we made quick work of loading my personal items and the food into the truck. Man, did it feel good to be home, but more importantly, be back with Craig. It had been a long 16 days off the truck, even though we did have a couple of days together in Modesto while he was getting medical attention. We awoke this morning to a cover of whiteness as the snow had continued to fall all during the night. We had a delivery at 7am at Charlie's Produce in Spokane. As I write this, it is now almost 8am, we are still sitting, along with four other trucks that arrived after us, waiting for the one lonely dock available to get our two pallets of produce unloaded. We are on the clock for detention pay, so we are just sitting back enjoying the snow fall from our warm truck and listening to "Click & Clack" on NPR. Oh happy day we are back together and on the road again!


rosemary said...

welcome home!

Jennie said...

That's good! 16 days is a long time to be apart. Have fun in the snow.


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