Friday, March 13, 2009


I love my life....I've mentioned this several times in my blog, but it's worth repeating. I remember as a child, and then as a teen, while wandering to school in that sleepy early morning daze, one day imagining myself getting to do whatever and whenever I wanted to. Little did I know that dream would become a reality. I get the absolute pleasure of coming and going into and out of my friends and family life, while still living what I call a dream with my husband Craig, in the truck with our life on the road. I would have never imagined my life being this way, but now that it is, I can't imagine my life not being this way.

Today, I step off the truck again to spend some time with my Mother and Nieces in Modesto for a week. When the week is over, I have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people that I used to work with, while attending a retirement dinner for one of them in San Jose. I will be able to catch up on their lives and see their smiling faces and drink in the joy of friendship and memories of our times together. I know without a doubt, that the night will end way too quickly, and I will have to say goodbye, but I will guarantee to you, that my soul will be saturated with joy from their company when the evening is over.

The day after the retirement dinner, I get to drive our pick up back to Washington, but with the company of my best friend Cori, who lives in Walla Walla. She took a one way flight to San Jose, to attend the same retirement dinner, so that we could have a mini girl's road trip back to our new home State of Washington. Once in Walla Walla, I get the pleasure of helping her and her husband Mike, settle into their brand new home they had built on their property. How lucky am I to get to share the joy of making a house into a home with them???

I consider myself truly blessed to be able to live this type of lifestyle and love every minute of it. And when my time with my friends and family are done, what greater joy is there than reconnecting with Craig in the truck and taking off on yet another journey together down the roads of the west coast? I'll be sure to update you with both what Craig and I are up to over the next couple of weeks. It's sure to be a wonderful life!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time in Modesto, Diane. My trainer and I will wave to you as we leave this afternoon for my four week training period.
It sounds like you have a lot of fun lined up. Good for you, enjoy!
C'ya on the HiWays!

TDoxie said...

Diane, I cannot wait to see you at Terry's retirement dinner. The road trip with Cori sounds sooo fun ... exciting times! Enjoy your time in Mo-town with the family! xo

adozeneggs said...

You look that good after sleeping in a truck??!! I'm impressed. I can't get the hair and makeup going even when I've slept in my bed!
Sounds like an awesome next couple of weeks, have fun!

Paul Nichols said...

Speaking of "wonderful," this is positively the most wonderfully positive post I've ever read. You have a wonderful attitude. The world could sure use a lot more of you.

Blessings and thanks for posting this.

John said...

There's that positive attitude again. You better knock that off or people are gonna start thinking you're Mr. Rogers reincarnated.

CRAIG and DIANE said...


You're too funny. I've always said, the alternative to the way I see things, just isn't all that much fun. I'd rather live in my happy little world!

Craig Bender said...

Was awesome seeing you !!! CB


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