Sunday, March 15, 2009


Julius Caesar didn't heed those words, and unfortunately, Craig will not be able to either. After dropping the bananas in Puyallup, WA this morning, he was told to drop his trailer there, and await a load going to Spokane. Normally, this would not be a problem, but since Spring is not officially here, and the dreaded Ides of March are, Snoqualmie Pass decided to join in on the festivities with.......SNOW! As much as I hate having to travel on snow covered roads in a big 18 wheeler, I hate it even more when I am not with Craig to help with the chaining, and having an extra set of eyes to watch the roads and the idiots driving around us. Probably much to Craig's relief, I am not with him, so he doesn't have to experience the anxiety vibes that radiate from my whole being during such times. As he waited for his load to be ready, I of course scanned the weather and DOT sites for traffic information. As is normal, as soon as snow starts falling on Snoqualmie pass, they immediately put the chain requirement ups. I checked out the traffic cams along his route and with each passing hour I fretted more. Then right before Craig calls me to tell me he was heading out, DOT closes the Interstate for avalanche control. Craig still heads out, as he is about 60 miles from where they have the roads closed, but not without promising me that he will call as soon as he reaches the other side of the pass.Finally, at 6:30pm, I get the phone call I was waiting for. He made it off the pass, albeit, with wet clothes from having to put on, and then take off chains. He was going to stop and grab himself something to eat in Ellensburg, WA before pushing on to make the delivery in Spokane tonight. What was suppose to be an 8pm delivery. will now most likely be a 10pm or 11pm delivery. Of course I will be waiting for that phone call tonight, no matter how late, that he has made the delivery and is safely at the company yard in Spokane, and only then will I be able to sleep myself!


Jennie said...

I hope you got that good phone call! And today I'm glad I'm not a trucker. Those roads look formidable!!

rosemary said...

the weather has been absolutely miserable here...a taste of everything...a pinch of sun and a load of sleet, snow, rain and slushy roads.

Anonymous said...

How do you pass the time when waiting to be loaded or unloaded?

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Passing the time is easy. We have laptops with broadband cards, Playstation Portable, and TV, not to mention books to read and just enjoying watching the activity of trucks coming and going from the shippers and receivers. We are never bored.

adozeneggs said...

My god that's scary looking driving!
Glad he made it without incident!


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