Thursday, December 30, 2010


As we suspected, they didn't hold onto that Foster Farm load that was scheduled to be delivered in Grandview, WA Tuesday evening.  What they ended up doing instead, was taking it all the way into Pasco, WA, dropping the trailer there, and then bob tailing to Clackamas, OR to pick up a load going into Phoenix, AZ.  So as Craig headed south on Tuesday, I headed north, and right near the border of California/Oregon, we passed each other with a honk and a flash of the headlights.

It was nice to have him give me a weather update on what I could expect going my direction, as I gave him the update on what we had just gone through in Weed, CA where it had just started to snow and the wind was quite gusty.  When I checked in with Craig later that night, he told me that by the time they got there, it was almost white out conditions with the wind blowing the snow across the road, but that by the time they got a few miles down the road, it was clear.

On Wednesday, I made the next leg of my trip to Walla Walla, WA by watching the weather and satellite maps on my laptop.  There was still a nasty storm brewin,g and I either wanted to get ahead of it or stay behind it, and as the morning dawned, it was decided to stay and let the storm get well ahead of us.  That plan worked out well, as we only ran into the last remaining pockets of the storm as we made our way up Interstate 5 and then along Interstate 84, where earlier in the morning the roads were closed due to blizzard conditions. It was as if we entered a different environment when we got to Biggs, OR as the sky was blue and the sun shining and it remained that way until we arrived safely in Walla Walla. 

As we enjoyed the sunshine, Craig and Roy were doing battle making their seven deliveries in the greater Phoenix area in heavy rain.  They even had a delay at one of the stores, when it was noticed that the fuel level on their propane forklift was empty, and having been told that they would have to go retrieve their items at the next stop, and then gathering up enough employees to off load their portion by hand, the guy with the fuel arrived.  It put them off schedule by almost two hours, but they finished up and dead headed to Fontana, CA to pick up a USF Reddaway load this morning.

That leads us to Craig and Roy delivering that load into Spokane, WA tomorrow morning, and I will be leaving Walla Walla also in the morning to pick him up at the company yard to start his home time for the month.  If memory serves me right, this will be the first time ever, besides being in the truck together, that we will actually be at home together on New Year's Eve.  We've already been invited to a party by our great neighbors and with the weather looking good for the next week, we should have a wonderful time at home, and a fantastic beginning to the new year!


all things bradbury said...

sounds like a plan that could work out for you guys!!....have a great time at home!

june in florida said...

Have a Happy and safe New Year.


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