Wednesday, December 15, 2010


That team load out of Oakland Monday night?  Well, it turned out it was a FedEx load, where they are not too interested in the appointment time, but zero in on the "departure" time.  Craig and Roy collected 8 hours of detention pay, from 7pm (their appointment time), until 3am, when they were finally loaded, and they managed to leave just about 30 minutes ahead of the drop dead departure time.  No doubt, this being the busy time of year for FedEx, that they hire out extra help during the holiday season.
The very light load of FedEx mail and parcels was headed to Portland, Or for a 6pm delivery Tuesday night.  They arrived about an hour early for their appointment, and were promptly off loaded and empty by 7pm.  From Portland, they drove a short distance to Clackamas, OR where they dropped their empty trailer and bob tailed to Salem, OR to pick up an empty dry van to take to the PG&E yard in Marysville, CA.  Craig had the overnight driving duties and arrived this morning in Marysville, dropped the trailer and then bob tailed to the yard in French Camp with Roy doing the driving.

They will experience "deja vu" as they will have a repeat of Monday night again tonight.  Around 5pm they will take off to Oakland, most likely sit around for 8 hours again, and then boogie on up to Portland for a 6pm delivery Thursday night.  No word yet on what their next assignment(s) will be, but anytime they keep you moving non stop, is a good thing in the trucking business.  I think Craig is very much enjoying the team driving experience so far.

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Santa's elves sure are busy


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