Saturday, January 01, 2011


With all the snow the Spokane area received earlier this week, and the below freezing temperatures since, Craig had the pleasure of driving us home on sheets of ice.  I had my customary death grip on the hand holds as we made our way home with a slip and a slide every so often.  Once home, we had to deal with the piles of snow and ice that the snow plow had made in front of our driveway.  Let's just say, the truck is clear of the roadway, but we'll need to do some work to get it back out again.
2011 arrived as expected with little fanfare in our household.  We did hear some distant gun fire, which was not a surprise considering the area where we live.  It was a cold -10 degrees outside, so it was a strictly stay at home celebration for us, although we were invited to several locations for dinner and partying.  We were more than happy to snuggle up at home and bring in the new year from the comfort of our living room.
We both are looking forward to what 2011 will bring our way, with Craig embracing his new team driving duties, and I anxious to begin partnering with my BFF and her retail space rescuing furniture that no one wants.  Craig will be starting his 6th year of driving truck, and in February we will be celebrating 10 years of marriage.  In June, I'll become a Great Aunt and 2011 will bring me one year closer to being able to start collecting on my deferred retirement.
Both Craig and I appreciate all the followers of our blog, and realize that as in life, the blog is ever evolving from what it started out as, with our journeys throughout the US and Canada.  In reality, it is an online scrapbook of our adventures and activities throughout the year, and we are happy to be able to share it with all that are interested.  We wish all of you the best that 2011 can offer.


Anonymous said...

All the best and keep the scrapbook going as it is interesting reading

Anonymous said...

I first stumbled on to your blog when Craig was learning how to drive in the boat hauling divison

Mom said...

Happy new year Craig & Diane. I look forward to reading bout the adventures you will share with us in the new year.

The Daily Rant said...

These pictures are GORGEOUS! You are so lucky to live in that beautiful area. I got to look at dirt and cactus on New Year's Day...I gotta get back out there into the snow!


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