Monday, December 27, 2010


My time in Modesto is coming an end, as I will be packing up and heading north early tomorrow morning.  I've been watching the weather, and think we are timing it well between big storms, and the mad rush of holiday traffic.  Time will tell if I made the right decisions.

It was nice to be able to spend some time with Craig at the truck stop Christmas evening.  He was especially happy to have his phone back in working order.  They were both able to do a 34 hours restart on their driving hours, and after delivering in Modesto, CA at the WinCo DC, they were told to  drop the empty trailer at Foster Farms in Livingston, CA and await a load this morning.

They bob tailed to the truck stop down the road after dropping their trailer and enjoyed yet some more down time and plenty of non moving sleep.  This morning, the trailer was ready a full 3 hours ahead of time, and they were hooked up and scaled and heading north as well by 9am this morning.  The load, if they keep it, will deliver in Grandview, WA tomorrow evening at 7pm.  If they make it past Corning  and Weed, odds are that they will indeed keep it.

Roy will only drive until noon, when Craig takes his normal driving shift.  That puts him in position to be driving as they head up Highway 97 and no doubt come in contact with the snow storm I am hoping to avoid when I take off in the morning. If all goes as planned, they have put in for home time on January 1 where we are looking forward to enjoying a few days off before jumping full steam ahead into 2011.

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