Tuesday, December 21, 2010


And just like that, they are back enroute to Arizona.  With plenty of time for Craig to do his 34 hour restart on his driving hours, they got to the Port of  San Diego around 9am Monday morning.  After checking in and waiting around, they were unassigned the banana load out of the Port, and told to go to the secondary loading area tucked away in the residential area.  No real worries, as they were in and out and headed north by 1pm.

Only problem they would encounter would be San Diego and Los Angeles traffic during a pretty substantial down pour of rain.  It was agonizingly slow, as they made there way north and switched drivers in French Camp.  Roy had the night time driving duties, as Craig checked the weather reports and road conditions as they made their way towards Puyallup, WA.  When they got to Corning, chains were required going over the passes, but as luck would have it, by the time they got to Siskiyou Pass, the roads were clear and no snow in sight.

By this morning they were called to stop their northward progress in Rice Hill, OR and await a team load out of Clackamas by a solo driver.  With a couple of hours to wait for the other driver, they took showers and enjoyed a meal until the swap could be made.  They have six deliveries that they will be making in the greater Phoenix area tomorrow afternoon, no doubt as before, loaded with lots of goodies that will eventually end up under the Christmas tree come Saturday morning.

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