Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Have I mentioned that it's snowing?  I'm sure I have.  We did have a break for two days, one of which I made my escape into Spokane, got a hotel for the night, and awaited Craig's arrival at the yard.  I was beginning to think the forces were against Craig ever getting his home time, but we are home now, happy, warm, and enjoying the snow covered landscape around us.  Might I add, I'm ever so grateful for a husband who knows how to drive in the snow, and now that I don't have to drive in it, I can finally enjoy it.
Let me fill you in on Craig and Roy's travels over the past few days.  After picking up the load of produce in Salinas, Ca they drove straight through to Aurora, OR a full day ahead of their delivery appointment, in hopes that they would be able to drop the load and get something into Spokane by Sunday.  No such luck, and they ended up delivering at the Safeway in Clackamas, OR  on Monday morning.  So much for getting that home time as requested, but they were immediately given a load out of Prosser, WA that loaded at 4pm Monday afternoon. 
While I made my way into Spokane Monday afternoon, they finally went loaded at 7pm and made their way into Spokane by 10pm.  Roy, having used all his driving hours for the day, got to start his home time, while Craig had to stay with the truck and made the delivery at 5am in north Spokane.  As I patiently waited, and watched as the snow began to fall again from the heavens, Craig wasn't able to get unloaded until 9am.  Then thinking he was sure to head straight into the yard to start his home time, they dispatched him to pick up a load of juice on his way in.   
I was beginning to think that I'd be in the driver's lounge waiting for him all day, but finally, around 1pm he made his way into the yard, loaded up his stuff into our pickup, and we made our way home through a snow storm.  Thankfully, this time, Craig did the driving duties, and got us home safe and sound, and in time to join our neighbors at the weekly Tuesday night get together at the clubhouse.  We'll enjoy a few more days at home before it's time to get back to work.

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