Friday, December 10, 2010


With what I'm sure will be the norm, rather than the unusual, Craig and Roy were told to drop the trailer of frozen french fries at the company yard in French Camp.  That was accomplished around 2am Thursday morning, and then they hooked up to a Fred Meyer load of household products, no doubt which will turn up under many Christmas trees in the greater Phoenix area, and high tail it to Arizona. 

When they received the assignment, and after doing the math, even with a team, the load would deliver about 10 hours late.  The routing would take them on a route they haven't gone before, veering off of Highway 99 in California, and taking Highway 58, connecting to Interstate 40, and then taking Highway 89 south through the Prescott National Forest.  I'm thinking it might have been a scenic drive had it not been already dark by the time Craig drove through it around 8pm last night while he was talking to me.

Since they would arrive so late after the original appointment time for the first of their 5 stops, they were updated with new appointments for first thing this morning starting at 7am.  Craig's plan was to just drive straight to the store last night and back into the dock to await the arrival of the employees to unload their portion of the load.  They will have four more stops to contend with this morning/afternoon, and then with an empty dry van, we suspect they will dead head back to the company yard in Bloomington, CA, unless there is something they can pick up that doesn't need refrigeration.

While that is all being decided, I will be busy here in Walla Walla preparing for my trip south to California.  Although it will be hard to take a break from the restoration business for a few weeks, both Cori and I are gearing up to go full force after the first of the year.  The forecast calls for nothing but rain on our journey, and I'll take that any day over driving in that white stuff!

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