Monday, December 13, 2010


It comes as no surprise to other teams drivers, but Craig and Roy have been covering a lot of ground lately.  So much so, that it is making my head spin trying to keep up with what they are doing, and where they are going.  Even Craig has a hard time remembering exactly what day it is, and rarely knows where he is at, except for when he is driving.

After making the five deliveries in the Phoenix, AZ area, they dropped the dry van in the company yard in Phoenix and drove to Tolleson, AZ to pick up a loaded trailer at the Sara Lee Plant.  Then they drove to the company yard in Bloomington, CA and dropped it there.  They took the time to take showers, and then it was off to the USF Reddaway yard in Fontana, CA after hooking up to an empty trailer in the yard , for a drop and hook load which would take them to Tacoma, WA.

As I was on my way south to California, they were headed north to Washington, and I warned them about the rain I was experiencing on my travels, and gave Craig the heads up about Snoqualmie Pass having been closed due to the snow and avalanche control.  I was certain that they would have to travel that pass after their drop in Tacoma, and sure enough, while they were enroute, they received the info to pick up an empty after they dropped the loaded trailer and dead head to Wallula, WA for a load of meat.

Craig arrived in Tacoma around midnight Saturday night, and as he made his approach to Snoqualmie Pass, having watched the radar screen on his DroidX, he knew that the snow had turned to rain, and the only concern would be flooding rather than avalanches.  They safely arrived in Wallula yesterday morning, where Craig called me to report on their progress and then got some well deserved sleep, while Roy took on the driving duties.

Last night, with both of their hours on their 70 hour clock down to zero and 1 hour, they stopped in Redding, CA at the TA truck stop for a few hours of non moving sleep, before Craig generated some more driving hours at midnight.  When the appointed hour arrived, he drove into the company yard in French Camp, CA where they dropped the trailer, and would await for word on a team load out of Oakland, CA for later tonight.
With more than a few hours of down time, (of course it is always guaranteed to change at a moment's notice, as we have come to expect), the plan is for me to drive into French Camp this afternoon with Craig's favorite combination plate from our local Chinese take out here in Modesto.  He has been dreaming of it for the past week, and never fails to mention it to me every time we talk.  Here's hoping his dream comes true and he'll be happily eating his chow mien prior to taking on their next team assignment.

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