Friday, December 17, 2010


If you thought I was kicking back and relaxing while I've been in California, here is proof that I have indeed been putting in a little work while I am at my Mom's.  Oh sure, when I say work, it really means I am doing what I love to do, putting a new twist on old forgotten furniture and giving it a new lease on life.

My Mom had told me of two dressers she picked up, one free and another for $20 at an estate sale, and I had my eye on a natural pine bench that was in her entry way, that was just crying out for a punch of color.  So Monday I did my rounds to my usual haunts to pick up the supplies I would need to "get 'er done", and today I can truly sit back and relax and enjoy looking at my re-creations.

First up, is this mid century Broyhill dresser:
It had some wear and tear on it, but I was ready to make it look a little more distressed and add some color to it.  When I was done, it looked like this and looks great in one of the spare bedrooms:
Next up is the entryway bench
Here it is after
This little dresser will go in the spare room that I stay in when I visit, and have to say, what doesn't look better with a little black and an accent of burlap?
 Here it is looking fresh and new
I've had so much fun over the last three days working on these projects, that I think my Mom just may find a few more things to makeover during my stay.  It just gets me geared up for my return to Washington and making a go of turning a fun hobby into a profitable business.


Linda said...

Well you have been busy!
I love the black dresser, it's simply delicious deep and rich.
You are giving me ideas for an old dresser I have. I wish I had your painting talent too.
Have fun at your mom's.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice

Pat said...

they look great. Hey, I saw a twt truck in Chandler yesterday. I even took a couple pictures.

Cori said...

Oh Diane! All 3 projects look fabulous! Your Mom must be thrilled with the new look they are all sporting.

So glad you are gearing up for some furniture work, since we have a garage full of projects waiting at home for us.

love all of your makeovers!


all things bradbury said...

very nice!!....i love them all!!!...glad you're stayin out of


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