Wednesday, December 08, 2010


After Craig and Roy made the delivery on Monday morning, they were hit with their first legitimate team run, however, it wouldn't start until midnight.  They drove the sixty miles from Vernon, CA into the company yard in Bloomington, CA to scan their paperwork and kick back and rest up for the load later that evening.   By midnight, they were at the USF Reddaway yard, but they would end up waiting over three hours before their trailer would be ready for them to take.

Roy started the driving duties at 3am, while Craig adjusted to trying to sleep in the bunk, while being bounced by the pot holes and rough patches of road along Interstate 5.  With over 1200 miles to travel, it would take them around 24 hours to complete this run into Spokane, WA.  Craig took over the driving duties in Corning, CA and would drive until Biggs, OR where Roy would take over once again.  With a few fuel stops thrown in, they would arrive at the USF Reddaway yard in Spokane at 5am this morning.

With their first run under their belt, they were ready to take on their next assignment, but thought they would have a few hours in the yard, so Craig started a load of laundry.  Before he could put it in the dryer, they had their next load assignment to Quincy, WA for a load of french fries.  He had to take his wet clothes and hang them off the bunks to dry while they headed out to first pick up pallets and then head to Quincy.  This load will delivery in Long Beach on Friday morning, but since they will be able to be in LA by tomorrow we'll just have to wait and see if they will be dropping it in the yard prior to delivery.

As for me?  I'm actually seeing sunshine for the first time in almost a week, but with the prediction for rain the next five days, I'm sure it will be short lived.  I'll be heading south on Saturday, with Cori and her children to California for the holidays.  I'm looking forward to being able to go and see Craig on his way up and down I5 in French Camp over the two weeks I'll be there.  Plus, I have a few projects lined up at my Mom's house to keep me busy and get me ready for the new business at the beginning of the year!

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Pat said...

I need to invent a washer/dryer that can be operated in a truck. I'm thinking just the motion of the truck might do the trick for the wash cycle.


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