Sunday, December 05, 2010


We had to leave a day earlier than we wanted to, so that Craig could go get his fingerprints taken for his HazMat endorsement.  Once the process is completed, that will mean another two cents a mile for him and Roy while driving team, and speaking of which, the new team driving experience officially started Saturday.

Their first load is a run from the Tyson Plant in Wallula, WA to Vernon, CA for an early Monday morning delivery.  Since the load wasn't picked up and scaled until almost 2pm, Roy had the first shift of driving, while Craig napped in the sleeper.  They ran into a bit of snow going down Highway 97 in Oregon, but nothing too serious.  Craig would have the duties of driving through the night, as their plan was to drive all the way into Wheeler Ridge and stage there for either a swap or for the delivery Monday morning.

They should be in position, come Monday, to get into a normal team driving pattern.  It's always a bit tricky, and seems to take a couple of days, when coming back from home time to get back into a groove.  Their plan is to drive for four weeks and then take four days off.  What we know for sure at this point, is that the stress of picking up and delivering loads by a single driver, working with the electronic log, is now a thing of the past for Craig.  He is looking forward to pretty much stress free driving from here on out, barring any unexpected incidents that are bound to occur while out on the road.

I made it into Walla Walla yesterday, under a light dusting of snow.  Here I thought, the further south I went, the less likely it would be to run into that white stuff while driving. I'll be staying here until the end of the week, where I'll take off further south to visit with my Mom in California for a few weeks.  Then when the new year starts, we'll get to work trying to build up the business a bit more, which might be a bit challenging during the cold winter months, but we have a few ideas up our sleeves.


Anonymous said...

best of luck

june in florida said...

I will be reading as usual, good luck.


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