Sunday, December 19, 2010


The rain finally came to Modesto last night.  They have been talking about this big storm for most of the previous week, and we kept waiting for it, and I gotta say, it is packing quite a punch.  Weather isn't anything that Craig and Roy have had to worry about the last few days, but that may change come tomorrow.

They had the usual prompt unload at FedEx in Portland, OR on Thursday night, then were told to drop their empty trailer at the Fred Meyer DC in Clackamas for a team load early Friday morning.  They were happy little campers when they were able to bob tail just down the street to the McDonald's and not only enjoy a few things off the value menu, but park there for the night and be just a mile away when they returned to pick up their loaded trailer.

Craig got there early again, in hopes of snagging the best load, but when he arrived, there was already another team there and it seemed like they had the only load going out.  A bit confused, he made a call into road service to confirm his load assignment, and found out the other team was hooking up to his load.  Come to find out, they were there a day early, and after a bumpy start, they hooked up to their trailer, scaled it out, and were on their way to Arizona before daylight.

It was a drive all day and all night affair, with them arriving at the first of their 5 stops before noon mountain time on Saturday.  Craig mentioned that most of the employees they came across were none too happy to see yet another load of goods coming into the store.  Seems the holiday spirit is draining out of the employees as fast as yet another load can come in.   But Craig and Roy did their part to take some products out of a couple of the stores, as they took turns at two of the drops to do some grocery shopping to restock their supplies.

By 6pm they were done and at the truck stop in Eloy, AZ with an assignment to dead head back to San Diego today for a banana load Monday morning.  With plenty of time on this load, Craig will be able to do a 34 hour restart on his driving hours, while Roy does the driving duties today.  That should set them up nicely to drop the banana load at the company yard in Bloomington and possibly get a USF load out of Fontana again.  All I know for sure is, if this rain/wind doesn't let up, we may need to put in a call to Noah to reserve room on that ark.

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