Saturday, November 27, 2010


It has snowed for the past six days.  So much so, that they have said the amount of snow we have received, has exceeded all of the snow that they had last season.  I've told Craig that our timing really sucks when it comes to when we decide to go home during the winter.  Of course last year, we packed up and left it for four months, when in hindsight, that would have been the year to spend some time there.
This year, the whole coming home thing was turned upside down, with Craig having to remain on that load of meat going into Montana and Utah.  After being shut down on Highway 20 for over 8 hours, they were finally told to divert, as the Highway would not be opening anytime soon, and head north with an additional 150 miles tacked onto their trip.  After traveling that secondary route, it was soon closed as well due to a big rig flipping over and blocking the highway.
Onto plan C, and being diverted back up to Bozeman, then over to I90 to Butte and then south on I15 into Salt Lake City.  They finally managed to get into the Salt Lake City area by 10pm Wednesday night, almost 12 hour past their appointment time.  Speaking of which, they were able to reschedule their appointment to 5am Friday, which left them to sit and relax on Thanksgiving day at a local truck stop and at least enjoy a hot meal.

Yesterday, they were given the assignment to dead head over 900 miles to Salinas, CA to pick up a load of produce today.  Looking at the weather radar maps, they saw an approaching storm and wanted to beat that storm going over Donner Pass in California.  They were safely in the company yard, having avoided the storm by 9pm last night, and in Salinas this morning by 8am.
We still don't know when he will exactly be back in Spokane and in position to rescue me from my own personal snow globe that I've been in for the past 6 days.  There is a chance of it letting up on Sunday and Monday, and I'll either get up enough nerve to drive down to Spokane, or Craig will rent a SUV and drive up to take care of things at home and then I can drive the SUV back down while Craig follows in our pickup.  In either case, we will have yet another story to reminisce about in the years to come.


Anonymous said...

nice snow pics

The Daily Rant said...

I know the snow has to be a bit daunting for you, but I'd trade in a HEARTBEAT.

I'm in Tucson, with sun, sun and more freakin' sun everyday. And last week, we were in Southern California (in the SUN) waiting on a load. I'd much rather be in the snow.

So although you had a tough bit there, I really love the snow pictures!! Thanks for giving me a glimpse of what's to come when we get back on the road! (And don't tell Ed I said that, because he's usually the one that drives when it gets REALLY bad out there. LOL)

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Selena -

The snow is beautiful and I do love it from the inside looking out. I have even been doing a bit of shoveling too. I guess I'm just gun shy after spinning out last Monday to even think about getting back in the truck.

Thankfully, we are suppose to have two days of no snow, so by tomorrow I am pretty confident that I will get back in the truck and head to Spokane in hopes of picking up Craig for some hometime!

I'm with you, I'd rather have what I have than all that sun, and have Craig here to drive in it! LOL


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