Monday, November 16, 2009


I feel a wee bit like the little ones on Christmas Eve tracking where Santa Claus is on the radar map, as I monitor Craig's route back home for a few days off. On Friday, they decided to stay in French Camp instead of Santa Nella, because sometimes you feel like driving and sometimes you don't. With not having to unload until 8am, they had plenty of time on their hands, and it's always nice to take advantage of the driver facilities at the yard.

Saturday they were unloaded at Fresh Express in Salinas, and then heard the news that they wouldn't be back in time for the requested home time. In fact they had a good 24 hour wait until their next load was ready for them on Sunday at 11am. This particular load is scheduled for two deliveries, one in Seattle, WA at 2am Tuesday morning and the other later in the morning in Auburn, WA at 8am.

Charles had the honors on Sunday of driving them as far as Weed, CA where they called it a night. With a 34 hour reset on Craig's driving hours, he was more than anxious to get behind the seat and start driving to get just that much closer to home. Leaving at around 4am this morning he took off. He plans to get as far as Tumwater, WA to stage for the 2am delivery in the morning, where Charles will then have the honors of dong the driving.As far as me? Well as you can see, snow or not, the pickup is ready to head into Spokane and pick Craig up as soon as he gets there. They are slated with a pre plan to get the earliest load out of the Fred Meyer DC in Puyallup and head into Spokane with it hopefully by 8pm tomorrow night.....and when they do, I'll be at the company yard, ready to whisk him away to our house full of home cooked meals that are waiting for him.

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