Saturday, November 07, 2009


Craig and I had a very nice time visiting while he was in Spokane. After putting in the service request on the truck, we took off for breakfast and then a little shopping at WalMart. You all know what we were thinking though don't you? In the back of our minds, we were half expecting his trainee Charles to have packed up and left like his last one, but he was still there and waiting to go when we returned. Maybe this one just might stick around long enough to finish training!

Craig was pretty much exhausted from the early morning hours he has had to keep the last few days, so he was very excited to see that the truck was done with the service and he would be able to take a nap before their next load. That load information came around 2pm, and it was to head to Toppenish, WA to pick up meat at 9pm. With little time to spare, they tracked down their assigned trailer, had the yard guys wash it out, fueled up, and then headed the 200 plus mile to Toppenish.

What has come to be expected at this Shipper, held steady as they arrived at the complex and was told the load was not ready yet. Good news was that the trailer they would be taking was in the dock. So they dropped their empty, Craig crawled into bed to get more sleep, and Charles stood guard up front to listen to the CB for when their load was ready.

Around 11pm they were loaded and camped out in the parking lot until Craig would start driving at 4am. So far, they have made it to Chemult,OR and are switching drivers as I type this. Charles will drive the last 250 miles into Corning tonight, which will set them up with only 165 miles left to drive on Sunday morning for their first drop in Oakland, CA at 8am. Thankfully, Craig has been to this particular receiver before, which is tucked tightly within a residential area of Oakland. All parties involved are happy they are delivering on a Sunday instead of a weekday!

They will have two other stops on this load, but not until Monday morning. Since there is absolutely no place in the bay area to stay, they will head to the company yard in French Camp after delivering on Sunday and give Charles a chance to practice is backing. Then if they don't get taken off this load for another one, they will head back Monday morning to finish the last of the two drops in San Leandro.

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all things bradbury said...

this is sooo cool that you got to go see him!!....we came up i-5 yesterday and delivered in portland, or this morning and, as always, kept an eye out for him!...glad his new trainee is working out, but kinda anxious for you to get back on the truck!...we're sittin at jubitz for the day and then headin to wisconsin tomorrow.....take care!


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