Friday, November 06, 2009


Craig and Charles staged near Toledo, WA at Gee Cee's Truck Stop Wednesday night. Craig got the early wake up call, and by 3am Thursday morning, he was on the way to Puyallup and the Fred Meyer distribution center. In the dock by 5am, and unloaded fifteen minutes later, they decided to head to the company drop yard in Pacific to await further instructions. It didn't take long and they were told to head back the 6 miles to Fred Meyer and drop their trailer and await a load later in the day.

That load information came around noon, and it was as expected, a frozen load headed to Spokane for an 8pm delivery. That would mean only one thing, that Craig would be a mere 60 miles away from me, and with a shopping trip planned anyway into Spokane, we both thought it was an ideal situation for a little rendezvous.

So off I go, in the rain, headed to Spokane very early this morning to meet up with Craig by 7am. He has plans to have the truck serviced, and while that is taking place, we will steal away for an hour or so, and enjoy a hot breakfast before their next assignment is sent their way.

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