Sunday, November 08, 2009


Yeah, that's right....go ahead and grab the stone from my hand Grasshopper. I'm sure that's what it felt like when pearls of wisdom are finally not only recognized, but put to use by by Craig's young trainee. I'm sure it was a boost to Craig's training techniques to know that sometimes, what you preach finally sinks in. Such was the case this morning when Charles not only requested to do his virgin drive into the San Francisco Bay area, but spent almost two hours planning his route into and out of the receiver's location. Not only did he make a clean arrival, more importantly, he made a clean departure around the 6 other trucks that were parked here and there, and well, just about everywhere, waiting their turn into one of only two docks. So I'm sure you surmised that things went well today, and I can confirm that assumption on your part. They made it back to the company yard in French Camp,CA where Charles' backing skills were yet again tested and honed. Afterwards, I'm sure there was a lot of meeting of the minds around the picnic tables with all the other drivers biding their time staging for thier own deliveries. Hopefully Charles continues his pre planning activities, as he has two more deliveries in San Leandro tomorrow morning. Keep your eye on the stone Grasshopper.

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