Friday, November 20, 2009


the party is over, at least until the next home time. I've done all the spoiling that I can do over the past three days, and today we pack up and both leave. I'll be taking Craig to the yard later today, and then I will continue south to spend some time with my friend Cori and her family in Walla Walla, WA through Thanksgiving and into the first week of December. She will need all the help she can get to decorate her home for the holidays, and well you all know, I got plenty of time on my hands to lend her some assistance.

It snowed most of the day yesterday. There is still some snow lingering on the ground and I can only imagine over the next few weeks, it will start to accumulate more and more as winter starts knocking on the door. I will do my best to hang in there until Craig finishes training Charles and then comes home one last time before we close up the house and I drive our pickup down to California. With the company yard in French Camp, CA so close to my Mom's house, having the pickup there will allow us much more freedom every time we come through town, instead of letting it get buried under snow in Spokane, WA.

So that about gets you up to date. Even though Charles did leave some of his personal effects in the truck when he went home, we still have flashbacks to Craig's last trainee, but just four more weeks and then Craig will be done training for a little bit, and I can get back on the truck where I to him....enjoying our life together......viewing the world going by, from the passenger seat.

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